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EMSnet - EnergieMonitoringSystem

The modular energy monitoring system by M.A.C. provides binding information on consumption data and plant stocks as a basis for a comprehensive assessment of the company in the context of energy management systems according to ISO 50001, EMAS and energy audits.

In addition to economic policy incentives, energy monitoring companies increasingly see an important source of information for the energy optimization of their plants and for detailed production costs (order-related production).

The energy monitoring system  provides all typical energy forms and carriers. Adaptable to the signal acquisition to integrate decentrally all relevant measured values. The simple and fast installation is particularly important in the field of measuring technology - especially in running plants.

One or more master units collect all the data of a location and transmit it to the central server. Thanks to intelligent data management, communication via the internet connection. Centralized data storage, evaluation and reporting via the certified database software.

WEB-based user interfaces on the user-tailored provision of all data.